September 3, 2013 08.55 Europe/London By Robert Briel

Internet has become a standard companion for German TV viewers as 43% searches for additional information about programmes or using social networks while watching TV.
This is the conclusion of a representative survey commissioned by Kabel Deutschland in the run-up of the IFA 2013, which was carried out by market research company Ipsos.
Especially young people are looking for more information about the main characters in the movie they watch or are exchanging information while watching TV with friends on social networks.
Smartphones, tablets and laptops are widely used while watching television in order to find additional and background information on the programme they are watching.
Of the under 34 year olds 63% uses an internet-enabled device in front of the TV. Only one-third of young viewers is fully focused on the television set. But the over-55s about 70% gives the undivided attention to the tube.
There are also differences in the sexes: nearly half of men use smart phones, tablets or laptops parallel to the television (47%), while only 38% are women.