Gabriel Miramar-Garcia | 04-09-2013
Visom Digital is offering Brazilian broadcasters the IFB Plus Series to enhance communication flow for outdoor broadcast trucks. The solution allows news reporters and other on-air talent to receive programme audio along with audio cues from production personnel.
Mobile IFB applications present increased challenges as the number and variety of programme sources, interrupt sources and configuration possibilities quickly multiply. Program audio can come from many avenues including off-air receivers, two-way radios, telephone lines, satellite receivers and cell phones, for example.
Interrupt audio (talent cues) may be received with the programme material connected via telephone lines or may need to come from the mobile unit itself. The ability to provide IFB audio to a number of destinations is also required. These include talent 'beltpack' amplifiers, transmitters used with wireless receivers and intercom systems.
"The Studio Technologies IFB Plus Series delivers ultra-reliable, high quality performance to the director, producer or other production associate in need of crystal clear, easy-to-use IFB communication with on-air talent and camera operators," said Paulo Campos, sales manager for Visom Digital. "The mission of Visom Digital is to work with our clients to understand their particular production needs and, from there, make informed choices of equipment that will best suit those needs. We have successfully placed the IFB Series with a number of major players in the Brazilian broadcast market with great results. With the Studio Technologies IFB unit, our clients have exactly the right tool to accomplish this all-important production communications link."
The platform comes from Studio Technologies, and includes the Model 2A Central Controller, the Model 22 and Model 24 Access Stations, as well as the Model 32A and Model 33A Talent Amplifiers. The Model 2A Central Controller is a one rack-space unit offers a wide range of features particularly optimised for mobile applications. These include two independent IFB channels, an internal interrupt microphone and four programme inputs. Two telephone interfaces allow direct connection to telephone lines or standard audio signals. The telephone interfaces can be used to receive and send IFB audio.
"IFB Plus delivers all the capabilities necessary to handle even the most complex field operations, taking the technical worry away from this aspect of production workflow," said Campos. "Now that our clients have a successful experience with Studio Technologies equipment, we are planning to showcase other products that the company makes because their products, like the IFB Plus, work well and solve problems. It doesn't get better than that."