Michelle Clancy | 04-09-2013
Primestream has released FORK 4.5, the latest version of its FORK Production Suite for managing and automating broadcast workflows.
FORK 4.5 features Workflow Manager 1.0, an add-on module for designing internal video production processes across multiple departments of an organisation. Simplifying task management enables content creators to focus on decision-making, communicating and creating while connecting administrators, engineers and support staff to the workflow for staying informed and controlling the efficiency of the production process. FORK 4.5 with Workflow Manager targets various IT infrastructures, including broadcast, post-production and corporate enterprise.
"Operations run more efficiently when managers can see everything that's going on in the system and track all the tasks under the system's control, which is exactly what we designed Workflow Manager to do," said Claudio Lisman, Primestream president and CEO. "Now, managers have a comprehensive overview of their operations that shows and logs the what, when, who and where of every step in a process information that can help improve workflows and increase productivity."
Workflow Manager allows users to design, control, and automate production processes that span multiple departments and groups within the organization. This capability enables the module to:
Improve communication and response time from engineering and support staff
Provide a global view of the tasks and processes being worked on
Assign tasks to specific groups or users
Log every step of the process with information for analytics

In addition to the new Workflow Manager module, FORK 4.5 features further enhancements to codec support and third-party hardware, as well as craft editor integrations. FORK features archiving workflows with SGL, Quantum and Atempo so FORK users can continue to navigate/browse, search and filter through content inside Content Navigator, even when media is offline.
Other new features include partial file restore and LTO robotics control. And, FORK 4.5 has 'edit-while-capturing' workflows with craft editors such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro and Avid Media Composer. FORK is available for Mac and Windows OS as well as mixed hybrid environments.