Editor | 04-09-2013
In what is said to be the first global study on smart TV ad effectiveness, research from smartclip and LG Electronics has revealed that customer demand for connected TV is opening a "booming" platform for advertisers.
The research from the multiscreen and video brand advertising platform and CE giant — covering the UK, Russia, Germany, Australia and Spain — fundamentally showed positive consumer attitudes with just under a third (31%) indicating that they would engage in an action as a result of a smart TV ad. Smart TV advertising was found to prompt interaction with eye-catching content, as over two-thirds of users interviewed stop to watch interactive ads and have a positive attitude towards advertising on the platform.
Half of the study's smart TV users say that they have already interacted with an ad, and 31% of people engage in an action as a result of watching a smart TV ad; just under a quarter (24%) had searched for more information on the product or brand, and a fifth used a set to talk about the product or brand to others.
"Our research has shown that combined with ads on traditional TV, smart TV ads are extremely effective for engaging viewers, and as a focal medium the TV set continues to bring the family together in the living room," commented Shirlene Chandrapal, SVP of Connected TV at smartclip. "[Smart TV's] interactive quality creates a deeper engagement between the viewer and the content being viewed, including brand advertising. By creating interactive and incentive driven campaigns for smart TV, brands can more easily track the influence of their content and measure engagement and resulting actions ... users are now looking for a more connected viewing experience where apps and the Internet play a larger role, so it is imperative that brands monitor whether they are achieving this by measuring engagement."
Despite multi-device adoption, and other research showing that there was a lack of connectivity in connected TV, the research revealed that 78% of UK smart TV users choose to use their smart TV set for Internet features, and the same percentage indicated that connectivity was one of the main reasons they looked to purchase a smart TV device.
"The interactive features that smart TV offers are the key to advertising effectiveness, added Youngjae Seo, vice president of service platform division at LG. "This research really highlighted that viewers are now predisposed to take action as a result of viewing an ad, and advertisers of course need to take advantage of this. For example, the LG Magic Remote enables much easier interaction with an ad on screen. Being able to control the television experience through pointing, drag and drop, voice or gesture brings a new dimension to viewing which is engaging and interactive."