Editor | 04-09-2013
Direct pointing remote control technology provider uWand has entered into an agreement with Vestel to bring direct pointing and gesture control to Android-powered smart TVs.
To be unveiled at IFA 2013, Vestel's smart TV units will now allow viewers to use a uWand-enabled remote control to move between menus, play games and interact with a range of other connected TV content more intuitively than ever before, says the European TV manufacturer.
uWand technology uses an infrared camera embedded within the body of a remote control that continuously monitors the remote's position so that the cursor appears exactly where the user is pointing. It has recently been enhanced to support up to four uWand-enabled remote controls on the same screen at once, making it, says uWand, the first to bring truly multi-player gaming to smart TVs.
"uWand is making it much easier for users to get the most out of smart TVs," said Vestel deputy general manager Hakan Kutlun. "uWand technology supports our cloud-based gaming strategy, and the easy integration helps us make the most of the latest Android applications. Direct pointing also unlocks the huge potential of the smart TV platform. Navigating and discovering content is much more intuitive, and control in smart TV games is much more precise. uWand technology is considerably better compared to the current generation of remote controls."