September 4, 2013 07.52 Europe/London By Robert Briel

international smart TV solutions specialist Foxxum and TV discovery market company Tweek have connected their technologies to focus on a better smart TV user experience.
“We believe content recommendation is the key for commercial success in the smart TV sector. Based on our global content portfolio and Tweek’s technology, we are introducing a completely new approach to smart TV platform solutions: moving content discovery via social sparks and personalized recommendations to the center of interest and therefore in favor of the consumer. With Tweek, we are going for the smartest way there is to introduce a better Smart TV user experience”, said Ronny Lutzi, CEO at Foxxum, in a statement
“With a future-oriented software solution, Tweek puts the audience in control. It offers the technology to create a personalized program based on a user’s interest. Tweek’s unique approach provides immediate personalization based on existing user data and content availability compared to learning systems, which are trapped in the dilemma between a user’s attention span and the learning curve of their algorithm. Keeping user profiles in constant sync with associated real-time web activity from social networks such as Facebook, Foxxum’s consumer electronic partners are able to recommend the most relevant content from a user‘s view. Constantly learning from the consumer’s watching behavior, this solution guarentees a state-of-the-art user experience that is both multifaceted and simple.”
“Our Tweek Engine is the core backend technology for the personalization of future content discoveries. Riding on the data of internet giants, we provide content ecosystem owners with individual user profiles to find the right content across all video services. By adding our technology to their existing solutions, Foxxum is able to offer a one-of-a-kind discovery solution to their costumers”, Marcel Düe, managing director at Ubertweek, the company that developed Tweek.
“Our discovery solution is available to all major brands from component vendors to network operators. Years of experience, global networks and technological know-how help us provide this innovative Smart TV discovery solution to any CE manufacturer with any specification needed”, added Lutzi.