Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 05-09-2013
Costa Rica has experienced great growth in its telecoms market over the last two years, and mobile and fixed communication penetration figures have rocketed, says the latest report from telecoms regulator Sutel.
Broadband connections were barely in 20% of homes in 2010, while in December 2012 the Internet had penetrated 47%. These figures are above Nicaragua, Honduras and El Salvador, and similar to those of Panama and Colombia. However, mobile Internet connections haven't experienced the same growth, and increased from 15% to just 20% over the two years.
As well as customer numbers, Sutel also points to growth in terms of money. "The figures are solid; the income generated by telecoms in the country grew 140% and currently represents GDP's 2.4%. And the market still has room to keep growing," explained Maryleana Méndez, Sutel's council president, in the report.
The $421 million income in 2010 grew to $923 million in 2011 and $1,010 million in 2012. This is mainly due to mobile penetration, which grew from 69% to 116%. Despite this massive growth, the public ICE still owns 79% of market, followed by Claro Móvil with 9% and Movistar with 7%. The rest of the market (5%) is shared between other operators.