Jörn Krieger | 05-09-2013
Local TV channels from the German federal states of Berlin, Brandenburg and Mecklenburg‐Vorpommern are to become available via satellite. The media authorities of the three regions, MABB and MMV, want jointly to enable the channels to rent broadcast capacity on Astra at 19.2° East.
With this move, they want to close the coverage gaps and lost reach potential mainly in rural areas. The reason for this is that almost half of TV households in Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern receive their channels via satellite. These viewers don't currently have access to local TV as these channels are only distributed on cable networks.
MABB and MMV grant subsidies for the technical transmission of local TV to give more households access to the services and create improved refinancing possibilities for the channels through a higher reach.
The two media authorities will officially launch the project, called BB‐MV‐Lokal‐TV, at a press conference in Potsdam on 13 September.