Editor | 06-09-2013
Media and broadcast ecosystems specialist Unified Video Technologies (UNIV) has teamed with Akamai Technologies and thePlatform for a new video-on-demand solution.
The uVOD solution is designed for operators who cannot, or choose not to, invest in extensive capital in costly and complex VOD infrastructure, but risk losing subscribers who view the service as essential.
Based on proprietary technology developed by UNIV, uVOD enables subscribers to stream and watch the content they choose on any screen or device at their leisure. UNIV claims its new service can be operational in a fraction of the time required to design and integrate in-house systems and will be made available worldwide as a technology-only service. In Latin America the service will also be available as a technology plus content service that includes a library of classic and new release titles.
As part of the solution, Akamai’s technology will be deployed to ensure uVOD delivers content to all subscriber screens securely and will work in conjunction with thePlatform’s mpx system. UNIV will provide the back-end video publishing system to ingest, manage and distribute live and on-demand videos to customer websites, third-party sites, smartphones, tablets, and other devices. uVOD will offer a variety of business models, including built-in ad policy management, comprehensive syndication capabilities, and support for ecommerce or storefronts.
“UNIV has sought out world-class partners to ensure that uVOD is the solution of choice for operators of all sizes. We have invested in creating excellent technology with features including multilingual support, rich programme information, direct social networking and a full back office. Our collaboration with Akamai and thePlatform ensures that customers can enjoy affordable VOD services that are deployed in a fraction of the time of on-premise solutions,” claimed UNIV CEO Pablo Goldstein.