Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 06-09-2013
Uruguay is debating its pay-TV advertising regulations, while the new media law is going through Congress. The new rules for local advertising have already been incorporated into the law's draft, but a group in Congress has now proposed that pay-TV platforms also be included under the legislation.
The law brings many areas under the spotlight, including the DTT transition process and the monopolies on TV, but it was supposed to be nearly finalised. The law is now in Congress as a final formal step, as the draft has already been approved by Congress and the Senate.
But now, with the aim of protecting younger audiences and to increase the presence of national advertising, the law could include a new regulation for pay-TV advertising, as has been the case in other Latin American countries.
Some pay-TV operators have shown their opposition to this in Uruguay's local media, saying that there will be an increase in prices and contract problems for the industry, as well as it being a law initially constructed for the free-to-air channels. The cable channels used to sell advertising by blocks for the whole Latin American region, and having a local advertising offer would mean a high investment for them.