Michelle Clancy | 06-09-2013
Encompass Digital Media has expanded its deployment of Signiant's file sharing and workflow automation technology worldwide, making Signiant its preferred file transport technology.
Six of Encompass' global broadcast facilities, serving more than 800 television network channels worldwide, will use Signiant's workflow management, secure, accelerated transfer and centralised management and reporting tools for file-based content movement, to and from clients as well as transfers within its global network.
As the Internet and managed networks play a greater role in full-resolution broadcast content delivery, underlying WAN acceleration and network optimisation solutions are transforming the industry.
"Broadcasters are delivering even more media-related services into new outlets and platforms even as file sizes continue to grow, while facility staffing remains static challenging everyone to work smarter, as well as harder," said Rick Clarkson, vice president of product management at Signiant. "Backed by Signiant's technology, Encompass has amplified the critical infrastructure required for secure, high performance file transfer automation workflows to power the continued growth and services to its clients."
Encompass uses Signiant's core technology in its workflows for content ingest and movement to automate many steps in the end-to-end playout workflow. Signiant's Managers+Agents and Media Exchange software allow Encompass to exchange content and metadata files with other users, systems and applications regardless of geographic location or file size. Its workflow engine models both manual tasks and business logic, and integrates third-party technology as required by a specific task. These tasks can be scheduled by package submissions or via system triggers such as timelines, business logic or SOAP API calls from third-party applications. Agents installed on the sending and receiving end manage and track content movement to provide certified delivery. The Signiant-powered workflows also provide centralised management capabilities, including global audit and tracking of media movement from a single dashboard for unparalleled visibility and enterprise control.