Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 06-09-2013
Spain's public channel TVE is to offer a video-on-demand (VOD) service, it revealed during the fifth edition of FesTVal held in Vitoria.
By pressing the red button on the remote control, viewers can access a hybrid platform that combines DTT and Internet technologies.
"We have merged the best of our online service with the best of TV, and we want to bring it to everybody, to every screen," explained Ricardo Villa, director of interactive products at TVE. The application will be called Botón Rojo, and will offer over 90,000 hours of audiovisual content – the whole offer of TVE's website plus some extra content.
The service was developed over the last year and demonstrates a clear commitment to technology and hybrid TV under the HBBTV standard.
Botón Rojo will be available for connected TVs and smart TVs. According to TVE, all devices sold from 2012 support HBBTV, and around one million homes will be able to access the VOD platform.
TVE is a pioneer among free-to-air channels and seems to be leading the way to the future, as it did when HD arrived in Spain. However, TVE isn't the only platform focusing on the online and on-demand market in Spain; this week Orange announced that it will also offer VOD on its online TV platform.