September 6, 2013 11.16 Europe/London By Julian Clover

The first ever showing of DVB-C2 delivering 4k video is part of a three-way demonstration of 4k at IFA in Berlin.
The DVB, alongside Eutelsat and Kabel Deutschland, is displaying the technology on the joint DVB/ANGA booth in the prestigious TecWatch new technology zone of the IFA Exhibition.
In the first of three demonstrations, a 4K HEVC encoded signal is being transmitted from Eutelsat’s uplink station in Paris using DVB-S2. The signal is then demodulated and fed directly into Village Island’s HEVC contribution decoder. The frame rate of the source material is 50 frames per second providing good video quality even for fast action movement such as sports.
The C2 transmission system consisting of a C2 modulator and a C2 demodulator will carry the 4k content. In addition to the 4k content being delivered via a Eutelsat 10A satellite link, there is also a local play-out with content provided by Sky Deutschland. After decoding with a Broadcom receiver the content is presented on a LG 4k display.
“We are proud that all of DVB’s second-generation transmission standards, DVB-S2, T2 and C2 are at the heart of delivering the new 4k UHDTV experience. DVB will continue to work with its Members and partners to ensure that the goal of bringing the striking clarity of UHDTV to the home is realised,” commented Peter Siebert, Executive Director, DVB.