Xbox wishes on Jinni for mood-based content discovery

Michelle Clancy | 07-09-2013

Microsoft is bringing a mood-based entertainment discovery engine to the Xbox gaming console with a partnership with Jinni.

Jinni’s proprietary Entertainment Genome uses metadata for the shows and movies in the Xbox Video catalogue to help the Xbox intuitively and accurately connect Xbox users to content. The Genome contains thousands of genes that are assigned to each title to describe mood, style, plot, setting and more. New titles are automatically indexed via analysis of user reviews and synopses, using a proprietary Natural Language Processing solution. Jinni will also be paired with other Xbox signals, such as a user’s viewing history.
“Creating the most amazing entertainment experience means always putting the customer experience first,” said Dave Alles, Xbox general manager. “Our goal is to make it effortless to get you to entertainment you’ll truly love. Pairing Jinni’s Entertainment Genome with other key advances such as conversational understanding [speech recognition], makes finding something to watch on Xbox as fun as watching it.”