Toshiba partners with Rovi for adaptive streaming on connected TVs

Michelle Clancy | 07-09-2013

Toshiba is implementing support for Roviís adaptive streaming format into a range of connected TVs.

The integration brings a Blu-ray disc-like consumer experience to streaming media, like multi-language subtitles and audio tracks, trick-play track for smooth fast forward and rewind, chapter points for quick scene navigation and a resume-playback function across devices.
Toshiba will use Rovi's DivX Plus Streaming technology, and is already starting to deploy the solution in the UK, where Toshiba DTVs are supporting services like Dixon's Retail's KNOWHOW Movies.
"Today, consumers in the UK are able to experience our advanced adaptive streaming solution first hand, which is a true testament to our success in rapidly taking DivX Plus Streaming from market adoption to consumer availability," said Bob Shallow, senior vice president of product sales and marketing at Rovi. "Thanks to our collaboration with leading IC and CE manufacturers, we are realising our vision for delivering a better consumer streaming experience."
In addition to powering video delivery for KNOWHOW Movies, DivX Plus Streaming has also been selected to power services in China for STM, as well as Mei-Ah, a film production company that recently launched an on-demand entertainment offering for mobile users in collaboration with China Mobile.
DivX Plus Streaming also includes Dynamic Resolution Scaling that helps mitigate the effects of buffering. Providing transitions between different resolutions, Dynamic Resolution Scaling enables quicker start times and continuous play even in low or fluctuating bandwidth environments, according to Rovi.
"We are pleased to expand our relationship with Rovi and collaborate with them to deliver a high quality entertainment experience to consumers," said Glenn Zanoni, senior product manager at Toshiba Information Systems (UK) Ltd. "Hollywood-tested and UltraViolet-approved, DivX Plus Streaming delivers an advanced entertainment experience that supports the range of purchase and use cases that consumers demand today."
DivX Plus Streaming is a component of DivX Video Service, which is a wider platform for supporting the video distribution chain, from creation of video and enablement of secure delivery, to multi-screen playback across PC, mobile and other connected devices. The components include digital rights management (DRM), as well as MainConcept professional encoding tools.