Digi TV, MinDig TV, MTV, Canal NL+, HD+, JSC


I have real local card on ubuntu server, fiber connection and UPS

1. Digi TV HU caid-1802
2. MinDig TV DVB-t HU caid-0b00
3. MTV unlimited caid-0b00
4. Canal Digital NL SD 19.2e caid-0100
5. HD+ by Astra 19.2 caid-1830
6. JSC caid-0500

http://postimg.org/image/4ymoszewn/ - DigiTV
http://postimg.org/image/g4baxapjn/ - MinDig TV HU
http://postimg.org/image/dih3npxrr/ - MTV
http://postimage.org/image/d3lycp7qz/ - CanalNL
http://postimg.org/image/yzel1we1j/ - HDplus
http://postimg.org/image/gq1dc9s6p/ - JSC

All real local cards with low ecm are welcome

send active N line

only serious peer