Parent Category: news | 09-09-2013
Yomvi, Canal'+s video-on-demand (VOD) online premium service, is to launch a new Web player to gradually replace its PC application. The website is currently in beta version and some customers are already testing it.
The site is similar to the app for computers, but Yomvi is played directly through the browser. The app for computers has been giving some problems lately and it's easy for users to access the service online. The new Yomvi site is based on Microsoft Silverlight and runs on HTML5.
Canal+ decided to take the same road as other VOD and over-the-top (OTT) platforms in Spain. From launch, Total Channel – which has been online since April – and Magine – which is still running its beta service – have been available on the Internet without any app being required when accessing them from a computer.
The web player solution has also been available in Yomvi from launch, but it has always been eclipsed by the PC app.
Canal+ is relaunching Yomvi as it is the only service which seems to have been successful for the pay-TV platform this year. The company has also reinforced the service to support the increasing demand for content since the Spanish football season kicked off.