September 9, 2013 10.46 Europe/London By Robert Briel

2.5 million Dutch TV homes are now actively using Video-on-Demand serrvices, according to theDutch Stichting VOD.
The three major platforms, Ziggo, KPN and UPC have a combined market share of 68%, while OTT services Pathe Thuis, Ximon, Videoland, RTL XL, Videoland, iTunes and divide the remaining 32% between them.
The traditional TV set is the preferred method of watching on-demand content; 93% use a TV, 19% computer, 18% tablets, and just 4% for smart hones and 2% for game consoles.
Most popular on-demand content are movies (56%), followed by TV series (18%), Tv programmes (13%), sports (8%), and other content (5%).
The best watched movie of the year is Skyfall.
The Dutch VOD market is awaiting the arrival of Netflix until,. ow only three platforms offer S-VOD, HBO On Demand, Film1 On Demand and Ximon, while RTL XL has announced it will launch a subscription service later this year.