September 9, 2013 12.34 Europe/London By Julian Clover

IBC 2013 2.A29. Digital TV Labs is launching a version of its Ligada iSuite for HbbTV/CI+. The Bristol-based company says the purpose built test tool will ensure interoperability between HbbTV devices supporting CI+ modules.
The Ligada iSuite for HbbTV/CI+, has been based on Digital TV Labs widely adopted Ligada iSuite Test Harness and CI+ Test Tool, checks for conformance to mandatory HbbTV specifications for HbbTV devices supporting CI+ CAM.
Keith Potter, CEO of Digital TV Labs, said: “Currently many CE devices don’t fully support all aspects of this specification. To ensure continued and increased availability of compliant devices in the market, Digital TV Labs has created the Ligada HbbTV/ CI+ test suite. We believe that ensuring CI+-enabled HbbTV device interoperability will drive the next generation of HbbTV applications for broadcasters as well as accelerate the adoption of HbbTV in new countries and platforms.”
Conformance to the specification enables broadcasters and platform operators to offer advanced, feature-rich functionalities: pay and subscription VOD services; allowing additional revenue generation via HbbTV for long tail and premium content; additional feature enablement include parental control for age sensitive content.