Innovative products developed by ETL’s 25-strong team of R&D experts to be shown in Europe

Leading British-based global designer and manufacturer of RF distribution equipment, ETL Systems, will be showcasing its extensive range of RF Matrices at IBC 2013.

ETL has a long history of designing RF equipment and is recognised internationally for superior quality and personal one-to-one service offering. New technologies on display will demonstrate their evolving range as ETL continually improve their product designs.

The company’s award-winning designs benefit from a quarter of a century of experience in the RF distribution sector, and its strong heritage in R&D.

The wider product range covers DC to SHF frequencies, but focuses at IBC 2013 on IF and L-band matrix routers, switches and splitters/dividers. Reliability, resilience, and RF performance are the core customer requirements which drive ETL’s product innovation and development.

New V-series 16x32 Valiant Matrix on Display at IBC 2013
ETL is showcasing its new addition to the V-series at IBC 2013 and will be demonstrated on the booth for the first time in Europe. The Valiant (Model VLT-10) is ideal for smaller broadcast and satellite ground stations, providing the flexibility of dependable RF routing. It is perfect for teleports with limited rack space for occasional satcom traffic use. The Valiant has recently been delivered for use in compact marine applications.

The V-series matrix range, all designed and built at ETL headquarters in the UK, includes the NEW 16x32 Valiant Matrix, 128x128 Vulcan Matrix Router, the 64x64 Vortex Matrix Router and the 16x16 Victor Matrix. All of the V-series matrices (except the Victor Matrix) have hot-swap of RF elements from front or rear of unit, for reliability and peace of mind, so RF cables and connectors do not have to be removed whilst the unit is in service.

Other V-Series Demo Units to be Shown At IBC 2013:
128x128 Vulcan Matrix Router – Model VCN-10 – The Vulcan L-band matrix is typically used for distribution of multiple L-band signals in a broadcast environment, through large satellite teleports with a high volume of satcoms traffic. It is housed in a 16U 19” rack enclosure and has extensive on-board monitoring and reporting of RF card amplifier status, CPU and PSU status and HMI communications.

64x64 Vortex Matrix – Model VTX-10 – The Vortex is a high performance solution for frequent signal routing changes and designed for medium sized teleports and master control rooms (MCR) where rack space is in short supply. It can be easily part populated and expanded as new services need to be downlinked and switched.

16x16 Victor Matrix – Model VTR-10 – The 1U high compact Victor is designed for smaller teleports, SNG trucks and off-shore applications, providing the flexibility of RF routing in a tiny chassis. The matrix also covers a wide 50 to 2500MHz frequency range.

ETL Systems’ Alto Amplifier- Model 2569:
This Alto Amplifier is part of the impressive Alto range which includes 4, 8 and 16 module options with variable gain and can be remotely controlled via Ethernet and web browser interface. The design of the amplifier is modular, allowing hot-swap of amplifiers and power supplies, and can be controlled locally and monitored via the front panel display with simplified push buttons. It is designed for the front end RF chain and provides impressive amplification range and slope compensation for cable loss between dish and MCR.

ETL Systems’ Enigma Matrix/ Router - Model NGM-21:
The established & evolving Enigma Matrix range has been designed with reliability and resilience in mind. The 32x32 Enigma Matrix focuses on high linearity and enhanced flatness, and can be used in L-band, IF, S-band and broadband applications where the best RF performance is essential. The Enigma matrix range has been developed for busy satellite teleports to provide high reliability and future expansion. It is a high performance solution for frequent signal routing changes and offers a touch screen & full remote control for monitoring and control.

Other Demo Units Shown:
Dual Redundant Amplifier – Model 2570 – Also on display for the first time at IBC 2013 is ETL’s dual redundant amplifier unit which is typically used in the front end of the RF chain, adding gain and offsetting cable loss for incoming satellite feeds. This amplifier unit is designed to switch path if one of the two L-band variable gain amplifier modules fails, so reducing single points of failure in a downlink design. It is housed in a compact 1U high 19” rack-mountable shelf and operates over L-band, with up to 36dB gain and up to 8dB positive slope compensation.

2x1 Redundancy Switch – Model 23206 – This new redundancy switch can be used to provide redundancy for a main feed in the event of failure. It includes a modem alarm input for automatic switching and operates in the extended L-band (850-2450MHz) range. The shelf can be operated in manual, auto or remote mode to the non-latching coaxial relay which switches to standby if no power is applied.

2x1 Yacht Antenna Redundancy Switch – Model 23192– This new design redundancy switch is designed to be used on yachts or ships, where blocking requires automatic switching between the marine antennas. It also operates on the extended L-band (850-2450MHz) range and the shelf can be operated in manual or auto mode while providing LNB & BUC powering.

These products can be used in all sectors including broadcast, telecoms, satellite operator and government/military.

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