Michelle Clancy | 09-09-2013
Just in time for the opening of the NFL season, Thuuz Sports has launched an Android app for sports coverage and content discovery, designed to support the growing number of Thuuz fans who use tablets, including a revamped game guide and Fantasy Football integration.
"Given our mission to drive incremental viewers to live sports programming, creating a tablet version of our app made perfect sense," noted Michael Schmier, vice president of product management for Thuuz. "More than 60% of our fans are now using tablet apps, not only as second-screen companions during live events but to also help them decide which event to watch in the first place."
Thuuz is characterising its discovery platform as being driven by escalating costs to carry sports programming.
"The recent resolution of the dispute between CBS and Time Warner Cable reinforces the power of live sports content to drive TV ratings and attract a mass audience," said Warren Packard, CEO of Thuuz. "The Thuuz discovery platform adds value for both sports fans and TV providers, by connecting viewers with the most relevant and compelling sports content, and helping TV providers attain incremental viewership. We want to give our users a heightened ability to see what's happening in the world of sports and consume the content of their choice. Our new tablet app is one more step in that direction."
Thuuz recently conducted a survey of its app users which found that over 70% had watched a televised sporting event in the past month that they would have otherwise missed were it not for Thuuz Sports' platform. Thuuz Sports' research also shows that on average, Thuuz users watched 28% more sporting events, due to the platform's ability to notify users of relevant live sports broadcasts.
The new Android game guide shows live, upcoming and recently completed games in a single view. It also acts as a 'heat map' to keep track of trending games while watching TV.