Michelle Clancy | 10-09-2013
RGB Networks has announced a partnership with Conax to integrate the latter's conditional access systems (CAS) and digital rights management (DRM) with RGB's TransAct Packager.
RGB's TransAct Packager uses adaptive streaming technology to enable the segmentation of video and audio into chunks that are then delivered to PCs, mobile devices and set-top boxes using HTTP.
Incorporating Conax CAS/DRM, the solution now serves to better protect pay-TV content from unauthorised viewing by non-subscribers.
"The demand for video and expectations of service are becoming greater each year. As video service providers continue to battle it out to win subscribers, they cannot afford to encounter a performance gap when it comes to content delivery, or tie themselves up in compliance issues," said Simone Sassoli, vice president of marketing and business development for RGB Networks. "The combination of our solution with Conax CAS/DRM provides operators with a best-of-breed solution that addresses both business needs and market evolution."
In a highly competitive marketplace, providers can't take the chance of potential customers opting for pirated content instead, or losing existing ones as a result of poor service provision. The companies said that they have joint customers who have encouraged them to work together to deliver an integrated solution for securing and delivering high quality streaming video in light of increasing security concerns.
"We have several customers who have come to us for a solution that enabled them to deliver quality video content to customers without the risk of hijacking or disruption en route which has obvious negative impacts on business operations," said Tom Jahr, executive vice president of products and partners at Conax. "The RGB Networks partnership with Conax now enables operators to reconcile these two issues so that they can continue to provide their own customers with the best viewing experience possible."