Pascale Paoli-Lebailly | 10-09-2013
French youth and family DTT channel, Gulli, is repositioning to its natural target audience, the four to ten-year-old demo, in an attempt to increase its audience share.
The channel had almost 2% of audience share in 2012, but this fell to 1.5% for some months last season, with the result being that ad revs decreased. The 2012 revenue fell 4% to €43 million and 6% during the first quarter of 2013. Net profit decreased by 50% in 2012.
A few months ago, main shareholder Lagardère Group changed the whole management team, appointing former NRJ 12 exec Gérald-Brice Viret to run the group's TV channels in France as well as internationally.
The 2013-2014 season is based on schedules clearly identified to target children in the four to ten demo during the daytime. Evenings will focus on the four to 14 range, with no focus on adults, but without excluding mums.
Gulli will offer 60% animated shows, but programming will also be based on cinema, drama series, games and entertainment shows.
The channel will now look for exclusive content which isn't broadcast on other French channels and that pay-TV sister networks Canal j and TiJi can also air.
Gulli hopes it will be able to finance such programmes with independent European channels, which will get exclusivity in their own territory.