MLB Network signs on for Grass Valley media production

Michelle Clancy | 11-09-2013

MLB Network, Major League Baseball's 24/7 cable TV network, will install Grass Valley's GV STRATUS nonlinear media production tools into its production centre, which distributes baseball content to approximately 70 million homes.

"Returning customers like MLB Network prove that Grass Valley solutions are No 1 in the market," said Tim Thorsteinson, president and CEO of Grass Valley. "We are raising the bar technologically, and also offering fresh business models to our customers so that economic restraints don't hinder creative output. We look forward to continuing our work with MLB Network to give baseball fans the peerless coverage they expect."
MLB Network ingests 5,200 hours of content each week. GV STRATUS will form part of this production chain, offering a software-based platform for nonlinear media production. GV STRATUS supports a variety of processes, including ingest, editing, content aggregation, logging, transfer and playout.
Grass Valley was selected by MLB Network to help the network maximise efficiencies and streamline workflows in a project that is expected to be complete in 2014. Grass Valley has worked with MLB Network since its launch in 2009 and has already installed multiple Grass Valley K2 HD media servers. And, in 2012, it provided a second Kayenne Video Production Centre switcher.
"Maximising time and resource efficiencies is crucial to the smooth running of a network which airs 24/7," said Tab Butler, MLB Network's director of media management and post production. "With GV STRATUS, we couple optimising our production processes to a higher level while reducing our Capex."
Speaking of which, MLB Network will lease the GV STRATUS. In a recent industry report, Joe Zaller, president of Devoncroft Partners, commented: "People want to move that from Capex to Opex-centric model. They don't really want to own technology if they don't have to. They want to scale up and down whenever required."
MLB Network's DIAMOND asset management system will be integrated into the K2 Summit servers as well as GV STRATUS to provide enterprise-wide control and management of productions.