September 11, 2013 10.01 Europe/London By Robert Briel

WATCH VIDEO. Sony Computer Entertainment has introduced PlayStation Vita TV (PS Vita TV), a new entertainment system within the PlayStation family that will allow users to access video services, games and various content on their TV at home.
The internet connected set-top box will be launched in Japan on Novermber 14. With PS Vita TV, users can access a number of Japanese video services, including Tstaya TV, with more than 40,000 contents new and old, Niconico, delivering an array of content including live broadcasts, and Hulu.
In addition, more than 1,300 software titles for PS Vita as well as various network services for PS Vita and PlayStation Plus membership service can be enjoyed on the system.
The new set-top, which is extremely compact in size, will compete with the like of Apple TV and Roku. Sony will launch the device in other territories following the introduction in Japan.