Rebecca Hawkes | 11-09-2013
Level 3 Communications has expanded its Vyvx network through a new point of presence (PoP) in Johannesburg, allowing the swift broadcast of video content internationally from South Africa.
The POP also enables the ready reception of broadcast content from North America, Western Europe and Latin America.
"Using Level 3's expansive African telecommunications and media network, South Africa is well positioned for growth in the international broadcast sector," said Mark Taylor, vice president of Media and IP Services, Level 3.
"Level 3 is proud to serve as a conduit for faster, more reliable video communications in and out of South Africa."
South Africa's Telemedia is providing its media customers using on-net access to the Vyvx global network.
"Level 3's growing broadcast infrastructure and network scalability is helping us expand our business into new markets across the globe," said Tom Salmon, manager, data services, Telemedia.
"As South Africa's leading provider of media broadcast services, Telemedia is committed to giving customers the national and international reach they need, and Level 3 plays a critical role in that delivery."