Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 11-09-2013
Hispasat may be considering buying another operator or merging with a foreign company after the failure of negotiations with Satmex, some of the former's executives admitted to EFE.
Hispasat intends to grow worldwide, with a special focus on Latin America, particularly since Abertis took control of Hispasat.
"We have identified other opportunities regarding similar or smaller satellite operators," said Carlos Espinos, Hispasat's CEO, at an event held for investors in Río de Janeiro. There were no names or specifics given, but the companies under interest are understood to operate in America or Europe and "are open to merge," Espinos said.
Hispasat's ambitions have increased since Eutelsat Communications bought the Mexican company Satmex at the end of July. The Spanish company was also bidding for Satmex in order to reinforce its position in Latin America, where it currently has 11% of the satellite market. The delay in the Abertis takeover during summer was one of the main reasons why Hispasat couldn't rely on Satmex.
The Mexican company was an interesting proposition for its market but also for the satellite positions it has. "Another strategy is to compete for new orbits," pointed out Espinos. "If in the future the market opens throughout China or India, we will take our opportunities," he said, although Hispasat hasn't shown interest in Asian markets so far.