September 11, 2013 19.56 Europe/London By Julian Clover

Operators and vendors alike are looking to include Wi-Fi within the set-top where circumstances allow.
It follows a period where platforms including YouView and Freesat encouraged viewers to purchase additional Wi-Fi or Powerline extenders to access new over-the-top content.
“It’s often an operator preference if it is internal of external and I think market by market it is about the building infrastructure,” Pace SVP Sales & Marketing, told Broadband TV News. “We highly recommend that every one does field trials and we can give them the parameters.” Lomax said the technology was now moving forward and would benefit from the introduction of 802.11ac. “The option is always there to have an integrated product, Sky in particular have launched OTT services, and I think it is a viable proposition for them.”
Last month Sky introduced a new set-top box that incorporates Wi-Fi and is now giving away Wi-Fi connectors to existing subscribers to encourage them to use its IPTV delivered on demand and catch-up content.