UK revealed as multiscreen video advertising hotspot

Parent Category: 12-09-2013

A new report from BrightRoll has revealed UK advertisers are expressing increased confidence in digital video to reach targeted, multiscreen audiences and build lasting brand engagement.

Indeed the third-annual UK Advertising Report from the video advertising platform provider identifies 2013 as a pivotal year for digital video in the UK, confirming an uptick in digital video ad spend, in particular a surge in mobile video. This is buoyed by what Brightroll says is UK ad buyers’ keen understanding of how digital video works in conjunction with TV to reach multi-screen audiences at scale.
The company also sees UK advertisers are adopting programmatic buying practices and deploying advanced targeting and measurement tactics as video moves into the mainstream. BrightRoll found that nearly a quarter (23%) of UK agencies believe video is more effective than TV ads, a 29% increase compared with 2012, and nearly two-fifths (38%) believe video ads are more effective than social media.
When asked which features of video advertising their clients find most valuable, 40% of UK advertisers cite targeting.
In order to reach UK consumers watching large amounts of video online and across mobile devices, almost four fifths (79%) of UK survey respondents are likely or very likely to devote a portion of their video ad budget to mobile video in 2013, while 89% are likely or very likely to spend on online video ads.
The majority of UK agencies say half or more of their RFPs now include a digital video component, compared with to just 28% in 2012 and just over a quarter (27%) of UK agencies say online video is the media category that will account for the largest increase in spending in 2013. By contrast, just 7% of respondents say TV and 5% say social media. Moreover, 41% of UK agencies expect to allocate half or more of their video ad spending to programmatic channels in 2013, aiming to save time and money.
“The UK ad industry is known for developing creative and cutting-edge content, and this year’s survey confirms an increased confidence in video, underscoring the sophistication of UK advertisers,” said Tod Sacerdoti, CEO and founder of BrightRoll commenting on what the survey revealed.
“British consumers are well-connected and at ease watching digital content on the web, mobile, and connected TV; UK marketers have responded by investing in video ads to reach these multi-screen consumers however and whenever they tune in.”