Editor | 12-09-2013
Virgin Media Business has completed the building of a new fibre network for Arqiva to be used as a delivery service for the latter’s broadcast and mobile customers.
The network connects up to 40 sites across the UK, transmitting data bundles of up to 16 terabytes, and is designed to offer sufficient capacity for Arqiva to roll out new services for customers without worrying about the demand it places on the network.
With more capacity in place, Arqiva says it could launch a new TV channel for its customers without concern over the demands it would place on the network. Indeed, the new network will underpin delivery for major broadcasters including BBC, ITV and BSkyB.
“[Our] customers expect a service that can deliver their TV content across the country, to whatever device the audience is using,” explained Arqiva’s head of technical architecture Mark Lovell. “To enable us to distribute this efficiently and reliably we needed a network that understood our needs. Using Arqnet2 and in working with Virgin Media Business, we are able to reassure our customers on capacity and speed of the network, delivering a consistently great service.”
Added Virgin Media Business sales director, mobile & broadcast, George Wareing: “We live in an ever-connected world, where people expect their digital demands to be met. The rise in TV catch-up services like ‘+1’ plus the demand for HDTV and 3DTV content mean media operators need networks that won’t buckle under the pressure of too much data being pushed through the pipes. By helping Arqiva to meet this explosive demand for capacity and compete in this data-driven market, we’re ensuring that media operators can deliver a world-class service at superfast speeds.”