Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 12-09-2013
"We aren't on the path to growth yet but we are close to reversing the trend in clients and revenues," Luis Miguel Gilperez, head of Telefónica, told Reuters. And this sentiment has been heard more than once in Spain lately as its telecoms market has been showing some signs of recovery.
Mediaset's Telecinco is one example, with the talent show La Voz, produced by Boomerang TV, already having sold all its advertising slots before the programme has begun, according to El Confidencial. This may also be due to a change of strategy by Telecinco, which is now selling ad spaces in packages for different platforms, with a special focus on social media. Even though La Voz is a successful show, it has been a long time since advertising has sold out like this in the Spanish TV market.
Telefónica has also presented good results, in spite of its general drop in the Spanish market over the past few years. And this has something to do with the changes in its offer as well. Fusion, Movistar's quad-play package with TV, Internet, mobile and fixed telephone, has achieved 2.8 million subscribers since its launch a year ago. "We expect the pace of new sign-ups to increase significantly with the new tariffs," Gilperez said.
In addition, some foreign companies are reinforcing their presence in the Spanish market, especially those related to new TV technologies and OTT and VOD services, and this may also point to a possible recovery of a market that has been in and out of recession for over five years.