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Thread: New Cardsharing software for Diablo Cam

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    Thumbs up New Cardsharing software for Diablo Cam

    Hi you all.

    This is a new Xmas gift.

    This software allows you to make sharing local or throught internet with the Diablo Cam Wireless.

    It can read all the cards that the NewCS can read.

    Please enable the "DEBUG" function on the Diablo Wireless.

    __________________________________________________ ______________________

    This is a new software for Diablo Cam Wireless.
    This software is based on the NewCS (DOS version) software.
    It reads the smartcard inserted in the Base of the Diablo CAM Wireless and
    shares the Smartcard with the other Wireless CAMS.
    Sharing can be local in your own house or throught internet.
    You can now share your smartcard with your friends.
    What you need?
    Diablo Cam Wireless (At least one)
    Twin Base station
    Smartcard reader phoenix @ 3,579
    What can you do?
    You can read and share a smartcard creating your sharing solution.
    This sharing is like a DreamBox sharing.
    You can be either server or client on you sharing system.
    Most of the functions are explained with the "?" on the software.
    What Smartcard can I share?
    Being an external tool our from the official development this allows you to
    void some smartcard reading limits that the Stealth version of Diablo CAM is setting.
    Hence you can read every Smartcard that can be read using the NewCS.
    NewCS is the real moving engine. My software is just an interface between it and Diablo Cam Wireless.
    Basically. All the Smartcard are now supported!
    The sharing protocol is Radegast protocol.
    What do I need to do?
    Install the software (need the .NET plug in) and then enable the "DEBUG" function on the Stealth
    It is important that you enable (YES) the DEBUG function on the Stealth otherwise it won't work.
    Why do I need a Smartcard reader like the Phoenix?
    The Stealth Team have not implemented any function to handle the Smartcard via Base Station.
    So you need to have an external reader like a phoenix.
    When you set in the proper window the Smartcard reader you are using you my software will
    automatically configure the NewCS .ini file when you run it. So no need for any extrenal software
    Is this software working without the Twin Base (Diablo CAM Wireless base station?)
    ================================================== ===========
    Of course NOT! You need the Base station to use the sharing feature.
    I hope you will enjoy it.
    On the next version I will fix the bug that you will find from this realease and I will probably release
    my source codes for you to make a better implementation on this wonderfull piece of hardware.

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    Re: New Cardsharing software for Diablo Cam

    Can i use this software to conect to a frend (via nternet) that have a dreambox and are sharing a Conax and a NDS provider
    Do i need a Smartcard reader phoenix if I not will sharing myself?
    Hope you understand my question.

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    Cool Re: New Cardsharing software for Diablo Cam

    works great here, is there a readme how to
    set up username and password login
    if it is possible

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    Re: New Cardsharing software for Diablo Cam

    Great software, thanks! Any hope getting a linux version?

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    Re: New Cardsharing software for Diablo Cam

    can i use this to share my pc linux server with my cards to an humax 2000 HD receiver and diabolo cam ??????

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    Re: New Cardsharing software for Diablo Cam


    I have the same setup and have been unable to find out enough info before venturing off and buying the kit version. I curremtly have the Diablo light and am looking at getting the wireless if there was more info on the subject. Let me know if you find anything


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    Re: New Cardsharing software for Diablo Cam

    Does anyone know how&where to contact author of this software?

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    Re: New Cardsharing software for Diablo Cam

    Are there any news about that product?

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    Re: New Cardsharing software for Diablo Cam

    Hello Passete and the rest of you gurus!

    I have recently upgraded my Diablo Wireless Cam 2.2 with the 2.53 stealth, that as stated could support Irdeto2 system.

    I placed an original Irdeto2 zeta card 5.4 into my Twinbase and tried to watch the encrypted n@va. I tried all possible combinations with the AU, EMU, CAS system, Auto PMT and other settings of the cam but unfortunately without any luck. Occasionally when EMU and Irdeto where ON, having every all other settings to OFF I had a message on the screen:
    "Diablo CAM: You have no rights for this"

    Is there anything else I could try for card sharing of Irdeto 2 zeta card 5.4 ?

    Will the Underground soft be more compatible with this type of card?
    Should I upgrade Diablo Cam to 2.3 firmware?

    My Sat receiver is an Edision Argus with an upgrade that when the n@va Irdeto 2 smartcard is inserted into the smartcard slot immediately de-crypts it.

    On the other hand, I do not have a Phoenix programmer to use Passete 's software and I do not know if it works with Irdeto 2 Zeta card 5.4 in order to buy the programmer.

    Please you all gurus help me out, I am open to any suggestions....

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    Re: New Cardsharing software for Diablo Cam


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