Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 12-09-2013
Telefónica, VTR, Claro, DirecTV and GTD are to have another competitor in Chile's pay-TV market following Entel's decision to establish a fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) network to cover the country.
Last year the telco launched satellite DTH services together with Media Networks, and now it wants to improve the pay-TV service by betting on IPTV.
What is probably the most ambitious project in Entel's history will start in Santiago and target high income families. The first commercial offers will be able in a year, after which Entel plans to extend FTTH throughout the country.
The Chilean company has been trying to enter the TV business for some time. Last year it attempted to merge with GTD, but the deal didn't go through due to interference from Chile's telecom authority. In April, Entel's shareholders approved an investment plan of over $2,200 million until 2015 which will focus on reinforcing activity in the TV market as well as launching a 4G network.
According to El Economista, Entel might face some obstacles when it comes to connecting its network to buildings' vertical installations. As in many other countries, each building has a contract of exclusivity with a different operator. This is why Entel is also going to try to get some changes introduced to Chile's telecom regulations in order to share the vertical networks, in the same way as was recently seen in Spain.