Joseph O'Halloran | 12-09-2013
On-demand is fast becoming in the norm in the United States, according to new Nielsen data which has found that set-top box video-on-demand (VOD) can be found in about 60% of US households.
Even though the DVR has become a staple in half of US homes and has helped change the way consumers watch video, Nielsenís
Q2 2013 Cross-Platform Report shows that this is not the only way consumers can watch on their own terms. It adds that expanding VOD accessibility is changing the market and the data shows a huge demand for VOD services over the last five years, a rise of 37% since 2008. Nielsen also believes that driving the uptake is the fact that VOD access is also much more user-friendly than it has been in the past. Looking at what is watched on on-demand services, Nielsen found that feature films were the most popular content form, the top VOD choice by genre among two very different consumers ó the 18-34 and 50+ demos. More than half, 52% of the programmes viewers 18-34 watched on VOD were feature films.
The analyst does note though that networks have stepped up their efforts to make more recent content available, including recently telecast content and multiple episodes from the current season.
This pivot, as Nielsen describes it, has largely been facilitated by the ability to include and break-out viewing from the VOD play to the current episode of a show if aired within the seven-day window of an original telecast. In the genres of general drama, time-shifted services were found to be used by 48% of viewers, with VOD trailing at 29%. Time-shifted outgunned VOD, in some cases by more than 2x differential, in general documentary, participation variety, general variety and popular music.