Michelle Clancy | 12-09-2013
Eyepartner has become a DISH Network private cable operator i.e., a wholesale partner that white-labels DISH Network's TV service. Eyepartner will provide streaming DISH content via its TikiLIVE flagship HD broadcasting platform for its service provider customers.
TikiLIVE provides a turn-key set of tools for managing live and video-on-demand HD streaming content. Eyepartner can deliver premium channel line-ups to various facilities including multi-tenant housing, hospitality organisations, government facilities, medical institutions, campus dormitories and corporate centres without the need for costly infrastructure such as cable lines.
As a PCO, TikiLIVE can deliver the content as well, in the form of hundreds of DISH Network channels, including premium channels (HBO, Showtime), sports networks (ESPN, Fox Sports), news networks (CNN, MSNBC), international networks (Univision, Telemundo) and the Sirius Music network, among others.
"We are excited to become a private cable operator for the second largest satellite television provider," said Tim Green, CTO of Eyepartner. "Many organisations can benefit from offering these channels in a cost-effective and efficient way to their customers and employees."