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Thread: DM600 probs to load cccam manually

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    DM600 probs to load cccam manually

    Reflashed my DM600 and FTP cccam into tmp,doing manually activation it says its OK but no cam in the box.
    How to activate it?Do I need to flash 4.20 Gemini again? Gemini 4.70 and cccam 2.1.4.

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    Re: DM600 probs to load cccam manually

    Some time ago it used to be very good satellite forum with lots of good help.Now its just another internet site.
    Btw. Problem resolved.

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    Re: DM600 probs to load cccam manually

    To be a good satellite forum you should have post your solution here....a forum works in both directions not only in one!

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