Editor | 13-09-2013
Looking to highlight what it calls its innovation in pay-TV at IBC, Cisco is claiming that nearly a quarter of all global TV homes are now enjoying improved viewing experiences thanks to its technology.
This, says the company, represents more than 300,000,000 homes around the world in a video market where the amount of video traversing IP networks is set to reach a record 88 exabytes a month by 2017, with 914,100 minutes of video streamed or downloaded every second.
Cisco believes that it is uniquely positioned to help the industry capture the huge opportunities being generated as every network-attached device becomes video capable and consumers seek ubiquitous video access. It adds that it will engage with the video market by building on over 20 years of experience driving new services and profitable growth for pay-TV operators and the media and entertainment industry.
At IBC, Cisco will demonstrate solutions delivered from proven Videoscape Unity platform, in particular advances in the Open UX Snowflake interface which is designed to enableservice providers to launch an adaptable, premium user experience which is cloud-powered and based on HTML5.
Cisco assures that with Videoscape Open UX Snowflake, it will be easier for service providers to deliver a consistent, branded user experience across all subscriber devices. A single branded UX serves the entire device ecosystem, with deployment models and optimisation according to the device type and evolving standards. This means, says the company, that service providers will be able to rapidly deploy new features to the user experience, which are automatically available across all screens.
Additionally at IBC, Cisco will demonstrate a number of RDK implementations, including with 4KTV, UltraHD content. Videoscape Software Solutions on RDK are designed to provide an end-to-end approach that can implement functionality in a modular way. There will also be Videoscape Express, a pre-integrated solution that combines Cisco hardware software, security and services, and which is engineered to provide a foundation for digital pay-TV services in markets that are experiencing rapid growth and digitisation.