SES (NYSE Euronext Paris and Luxembourg Stock Exchange: SESG) announced today its new extensive Global Access Network, consisting of SES-owned and 3rd party partner teleports, fibre-based network and points of presence, that will allow its customers to have easy access to SES' global fleet and to its full range of value added services.

The fibre-based network, based on MPLS technology, is designed to transport any video or data signal from practically any city in the world to one of 19 SES-owned teleports or partner teleports via SES points of presence for transmission to SES satellites. At the teleports, customers will have access to SES Global Access Services, which include video and data uplink and downlink services, full DVB transport stream uplinks, VNO platform service, DVB data service, and SCPC data service, among others.

"Since 2012, the SES Global Access Services team has been working to extend the SES network and reach by engaging selected partner teleports and fibre providers. The new SES Global Access Network integrates SES' existing teleports into a unified single network to provide our customers with global connectivity regardless of where they are," said Ferdinand Kayser, Chief Commercial Officer at SES. "At SES, we believe by making it easy for our customers to seamlessly access our fleet through our SES Global Access Services, they can focus on achieving their business ambitions in their markets."

Benefits of SES Global Access Services
One stop shop which provides solutions for customers who want seamless access to the SES global fleet of satellites
Enabling customers to extend their reach further
Access to SES' free to air and encrypted video platforms
Access to SES' various data platforms, including iDirect powered VNO platforms
Competitive, scalable and flexible solutions to ramp up connectivity for customers, depending on their business needs
24/7 monitoring of signals by skilled SES professionals at Network Operations Centres to ensure reliability connectivity