Parent Category:NEWZ 13-09-2013
Hot on the heels of closing the deal to buy Virgin Media, John Malone's Liberty Global is expanding the reach of user experiences offered by Horizon TV, the company's TV everywhere platform being deployed in Europe and Latin America.
"Consumers are seeking new enhanced experiences for their video entertainment all the time," said Aamir Hussain, managing director and CTO, Liberty Global Europe. "Liberty Global is constantly innovating and leading in delivering compelling and differentiated TV experiences leveraging cloud-based architectures."
Liberty Global is using ActiveVideo's CloudTV platform to complement its cloud UI strategy and expand Horizon-like experiences, including cloud DVR, VOD navigation and advanced applications, to set-top boxes (STBs) and connected devices.
CloudTV decouples the user experience from device dependencies, enabling IPTV, telco, cable and other pay-TV providers to reduce costs and time-to-market for multi-platform television experiences. CloudTV H5, the latest version of the platform, supports the accelerated deployment of differentiating user interfaces and applications written in HTML5.
"Moving the user interface into the cloud reduces operational costs and time to market for advanced services and simplifies future software releases," said Jeff Miller, president and CEO of ActiveVideo. "We look forward to working with Liberty Global as they continue to accelerate the evolution and availability of the Horizon user experience to devices that cannot run it natively."
CloudTV is available on more than ten million devices in the United States and abroad with Cablevision Systems, Ziggo, Oceanic Time Warner Cable and other operators. It's also working with Comcast in a multi-stage trial in the US, and Charter Communications is using CloudTV to support its cloud-based UI strategy. CloudTV also is on Philips-brand NetTVs and is powering advanced user experiences for Net2TV, a virtual service provider.