Michelle Clancy | 13-09-2013
Just as it inks big deals in both Japan and China, Rovi has announced that it has shipped its one billionth DivX device worldwide. Representing multiple major consumer electronics brands and over 30,000 unique models, DivX supported devices include everything from digital TVs and set-top boxes to smartphones and tablets.
"This amazing achievement was only possible with the continued support of leading consumer electronics manufacturers, service providers, and a passionate audience of consumers," said Bob Shallow, senior vice president of product sales and marketing at Rovi. "Together, we helped pioneer advanced multiscreen video entertainment."
He added: "We are now focusing our broad range of new and existing DivX video technologies and long-standing device certification programme on accelerating HEVC adoption, as exemplified by our demonstrations and announcements at IBC."
For instance, Japan's Kinema-Junposha will launch a premium online video store with the DivX Video Service. "Building upon core DivX video streaming and download technologies, and digital rights management (DRM), as well as its MainConcept professional encoding tools, the platform manages the entire video distribution chain from creation of video and enablement of secure delivery to multiscreen playback across PC, mobile and CE devices.
"By using Rovi's DivX technologies, Kinema-Junposha is able to provide tremendous value by delivering an enriched experience to our customers," said Katsuyuki Shimizu, president of Kinema Junposha. "Through Rovi's technologies, we are able to expand our video distribution models and support a range of viewing options for our customers."
Not to be outdone, TongFang Global, a manufacturer of consumer electronics in China, will adopt DivX Plus Streaming into its digital TVs for the European and US market.
"DivX Plus Streaming offers unique advantages that enable our consumers to enjoy high quality streaming entertainment on their DTVs in the comfort of their own homes," said the CTO of TongFang Global. "In working with Rovi and selecting DivX Plus Streaming, TongFang Global is well positioned to evolve with growing consumer entertainment needs."
DivX Plus Streaming enables a Blu-ray-like consumer experience that includes multi-language subtitles and audio tracks, trick-play track for smooth fast forward and rewind, chapter points for quick scene navigation, and resume playback across devices. To help eliminate buffering or the "spinning wheel", DivX Plus Streaming includes dynamic resolution scaling, which provides smooth and seamless transitions between different resolutions.