September 13, 2013 12.13 Europe/London By Donald Koeleman

“In the area of cloud computing, who wants a hard disk recorder with recording capacity limited to only two progammes?
“With Shift.TV, customers will be able to manage up to 50 recorded channels in parallel. Plus, webspace can be expanded at any time and on any device directly by the users himself. This is the future of media consumption in times of mobile Internet,” according to Michael Westphal, CEO of TV1.EU, a German company that for the last few years has been in courts to establish its cload-based,online, remote recording service.
Making it currently the ‘only legal online TV-recorder in Germany’,time for TV1.EU to bring its hift.TV service and associated streaming and transcoding services to IBC for the first time.
The cloud-based recorder enables its customers to have a single show or recurring events within the German television program recorded and downloaded as well as retrieved as stream at any time.
Shift.TV is a webbased service delivered by TV1.EU`s content delivery network and can be used from any PC, notebook, hybrid TV or iPhone/iPad App and soon smart TVs.
The main focus for TV1.EU is to enable TV-stations and content-provider to deliver their material to a growingly fragmented target group and to prepare for a rising demond for video-on-demand.