Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 13-09-2013
Sky Italy has announced that Paul Agostinelli, currently vice president for channel partners, will take up the position as head of programming and business for Tata Sky in India, in direct communication with the company's CEO Harit Nagpal.
The Indian company is a leader in its market, with over seven million customers, and was created after the joint venture between Tata Group and Star India, owned by 21st Century Fox.
Agostinelli's new position will also bring some changes to the structure of Sky Italy. Luca Revelli will be now responsible for channel partners, maintaining his current position as head of digital activities as well.
Agostinelli led Sky Italy from linear programming to the launch of video-on-demand services. From today, Giovanni Uboldi will be in charge of non-linear programming with direct responsibility for pay-per-view and VOD.
The relevance of the Indian market for Sky gives additional importance to the position of Agostinelli. "This shows that in Italy we are able to provide talent capable of filling the most coveted and prestigious roles in other markets," said Andrea Zappa, CEO of Sky Italy. "And this also shows the value created by a global group membership as 21st Century Fox."
Paolo Agostinelli arrived at Sky Italy in 2008, making a successful career in pay-TV, enabling one of the most important steps in Sky Italy's recent history: the launch of the VOD platform.