September 14, 2013 07.19 Europe/London By Julian Clover

IBC 2013 – AMSTERDAM. Cisco’s Videoscape unit has given details of the 2014 upgrade to its Snowflake interface. Largely dispensing with the channel orders set by the operators – there is still a grid through effectively hidden – the channels and programmes shown are all through recommendations.
The content is delivered over Wi-Fi from the cloud and dispensed to any device. The iPad interface is identical to that of the main TV screen and Snowflake 2014 does not differentiate between types of screen, whatever the size.

Friends that use the same operator are used to recommend content above algorithms and they can be ‘sent’ shows that viewer finds of interest. This and other functionality os done through drag and drop to an interface where a group of friends may already be discussing the show on-air at the time.
Advertising is also a part of the concept, allowing viewers to playalong with commercially sponsored games, perhaps to redeem a coupon, or to see an alternate version of a commercial.
A cinema mode even dims the lights, using Philips’ latest IP connected bulbs.