Editor | 14-09-2013
Beginning 16 September, the UK’s leading independent broadcaster ITV is to launch Ad Explore, a new suite of functionality for ITV Player audiences.
The launch comes on the back of what ITV calls a successful launch of its VOD ad format and will be unveiled with the ‘Harvey and Rabbit’ campaign from Thinkbox, the marketing body for commercial TV in the UK in all its forms.
Launched in February 2012, ITV says the first iteration of Ad Explore was developed to increase user engagement with clients’ brands and allow viewers to explore more about the advertiser's products or services from within an advert itself.
The new Ad Explore format is designed to offer advertisers a variety of bespoke interactive templates to best showcase their brand, product or service. Each template allows for interactive overlay, allowing viewers to interact with brands, including seamless click-to-purchase capabilities, while the underlying video advertisement continues to play.
With version two, ITV Commercial is teaming with Brainient to build and deliver new functionality for the premium VOD format as well as provide analytics and insight capabilities for each campaign.
“Ad Explore has proved to be a great success for ITV – since launch, we have seen average interaction rates of 4%, with the most successful creatives above 15%,” explained. Jon Block, Controller of Commercial Digital Products at ITV. “We are very excited to be able to offer an extended suite of interactive formats and believe the next generation of Ad Explore is an attractive, affordable and effective solution for brands.”