September 14, 2013 13.54 Europe/London By Robert Briel

German Smart Set-Top-Box supplier is launching a new box platform based on the Broadcom BCM7241 System-on-a-Chip, the M20, at this year’s IBC.
The M20 High-Definition box delivers a full suite of internet-based frameworks and applications to support the delivery of IPTV and OTT content and services. ABOX42′s Software Developer Kit provides support for HbbTV and SmartTV Alliance SDKs.
According to ABOX42 its Smart STB platform M20 supports all major OTT, IPTV as well as Cloud TV concepts and runs all its advanced technologies out of the box. The ABOX42 Smart SDK Web Development Environment, ABOX claims to speed up development of IPTV applications up to 10 times compared to traditional STB platforms. M20 is configurable for latest hardware technology and software components like HTML4/5/CE-HTML browser, CSS3, QT-client, DLNA and an advanced OTT media player. In addition M20 supports latest ‘Hollywood approved’ streaming technologies (e.g. Smooth Streaming, HLS, BitBand, MPEG DASH, DIVX Streaming) and market proven DRM and card less CAS solutions like Verimatrix, Marlin, DRM10, PlayReady, HLS-DRM and Secure Media.
The M20 can be operated in IP-networks along-side the existing M12 box, with the older model acting as a ‘zapper box’and the M20 as the high-end box with PVR-support.
“Based on our five years of experience in the consumer electronic market with Smart set-top boxes and running more than 120 TV applications on our Smart STBs, M20 is our next generation, cost effective high-performance platform for the OEM market.The M20 platform is the ideal solution for all IPTV&OTT projects, which do want to have their own Smart STB product without any worry about technology and to avoid project complexity at all. Our platform is operator and end user proven and extremely easy to use”, claims Oliver Soellner, VP Business Development at ABOX42 GmbH.