September 14, 2013 13.57 Europe/London By Robert Briel

Astrium Services presents a new lightweight plug & play Ka-band satcom terminal, the Ka2Go ( at IBC. This mobile terminal is to allow operators to be live on satellite within minutes.
It is part of the ND Satcom product line-up acquired from SES a couple of years ago. Making Astrium Services into a leading supplier of satellite-based broadband VSAT, broadcast, government and defence communication network and ground station solutions.
Astrium claims this terminal offers an optimal solution to meet the growing need for new means of content gathering and transmission using Ka-band technology. It is a lightweight plug & play terminal which is fully KA-SAT compatible, therefore making it perfect in combination with already existing Ka-band service offerings on the market. Ka2Go provides fast and stable transmissions with up to 10 Mbps data rate throughput.
“We are very excited to launch this new solution, which will bring the broadcasting community major advantages. We have designed this terminal with the modern production work-flow in mind, providing a lightweight and intuitive solution that doesnít require any in-depth technical know-how. With the Ka2Go terminal anyone can go live within minutes, at a very reasonable price. You mount it on the roof rack of your car and you go and get the news. Itís really that simple!”, ND SatComís Head of Product Management & Marketing, Petra Visuri, said in a statement.
Astrium believes the Ka2Go terminal is the most advanced vehicle mounted antenna system within ND SatComís SKYRAY antenna family. It is designed to fulfil the most demanding broadcasting requirements and is based on a proven lightweight and robust design. The terminal includes a patented motorised positioner and automatic pointing system to any satellite, making handling very easy. The antenna is made up of a high precision offset Ka-band reflector, GPS receiver, a compass enabling auto-pointing and auto-network acquisition. In addition to the antenna, the terminal integrates a KA-SAT modem, IP router and antenna controller. The Ka2Go terminal fits on vehicles of all sizes and is an ideal solution for permanent or ad-hoc transmissions in Ka-band.