September 15, 2013 08.17 Europe/London By Julian Clover

The DVB will on Sunday night commemorate its 20th year with a party in Central Amsterdam. The exclusive event at the Passenger Terminal in Amsterdam will reflect on the signing of the original Memorandum of Understanding by 80 members in Bonn on September 10, 1993.
Dr Peter Siebert, executive director, DVB was in the third year of his professional career. “I was working on Mac and HD Mac and suddenly there was an all digital solution,” he told Broadband TV News. Dr Siebert went on to work at SES Astra, where he helped to establish the first DVB-S transmissions.
His first official meeting with the DVB organisation came in 1995 when he worked on defining three measurement classes still in use today.

“The DVB was the right approach, industry driven, when silicon was capable of doing all the processing needed,” said Dr Siebert. “You will always need an organisation like DVB.. Always issues covering manufacturers and as long as there was broadcast you would need it.”