Michelle Clancy | 16-09-2013
Aspera has announced the beta availability of Aspera Drive, a unified sharing and collaboration platform for big data combining desktop explorer integration, on-premise and cloud storage, and security, management and access control.
Aspera Drive brings remote file browsing, transfer, synchronisation and package sending and receiving to the desktop, browser and mobile device. The architecture allows the platform to be deployed on-premise, in the cloud or in a hybrid model, and an API allows for centralised control over content access, security and bandwidth, regardless of content storage location.
On the desktop, Aspera Drive brings together all transfer and synchronization paradigms of faspex and Shares directly into the desktop file explorer. Through the expandable Aspera Drive entry in the desktop file explorer, users can collaborate with big data sets.
The user experience also extends to email and mobile platforms. Large files and directories can be sent and received as attachments directly within Outlook email with the Aspera Outlook plugin. The Aspera faspex mobile applications for Android and iOS are also fully compatible allowing sending and receiving content directly from the mobile device.
Administrators can manage user authentication, access to content, and transfer bandwidth policies and security settings across all storage locations (both on-premise and on cloud).
AT IBC 2013, Aspera will also preview the next-generation backend faspex 4.0 that unifies all of the file sharing and package sending capabilities of faspex and Shares into a single application.
Aspera Drive will be available in beta immediately after the show.