Pascale Paoli-Lebailly | 16-09-2013
Telekom Austria Group, with Eutelsat, is about to enter into a new field of satellite TV, involving a new B2B DTH platform uplinking free-to-air and pay-TV signals via the former's earth station in Aflenz/Styria to the Eutelsat 16A satellite.
Located at the 16° East position, the satellite broadcasts to Central and Eastern Europe as well as some regions in Western Europe.
Telekom Austria Group, which introduced its first convergent offers to the Austrian market in 2007, comprising fixed line, mobile and broadband, aims to extend existing TV offers based on IPTV and cable to satellite technology.
The technical basis for the distribution of TV signals and data is the group's backbone in Central and Eastern Europe, as well as in Western Europe via the partnership with KPN, and the Aflenz/Styria earth station. This station hosts more than 50 antennas which uplink signals to satellites for broadcasting to target regions.
"Whereas Western Europe has virtually completed analogue switch-off, more and more Central and Eastern European countries are in the process of transitioning into digital. This trend represents significant growth potential for us as DTH providers in a market of approximately 75 million households," said Stefan Amon, director of wholesale, Telekom Austria Group.