Editor | 16-09-2013
Assuring consistent personalised navigation for all forms of digital content and apps, Advanced Digital Broadcast (ADB) has launched Graphyne – a new user experience.
The provider of STBs and other broadcast technologies says that Graphyne will be the first user experience to treat all media types equally, whether live TV content, over-the-top (OTT) content, music, photos or third-party apps including social media and Skype.
Including 'walls' as shortcuts to recommended content, as well as content-sensitive action menus, the interface is said to bring the intuitive simplicity of 'lean-back' TV navigation to other types of content and applications across all devices. It features a design using a single navigation style intended to make it easy for viewers to access all their multimedia content and applications on the device of their choice.
ADB added that Graphyne also provides access to an entire pay-TV offer, OTT content, third-party applications, and each user's personal digital media libraries, with easy navigation and an intuitive lean-back TV experience. Support for HTML5 is said to give operators the flexibility to add new services and adopt a cloud model in the future.
The first version of Graphyne supports ADB STBs, iOS and Android devices and equal access is said to be given to everything on the home network and beyond – whether linear TV, DVR content, OTT/VOD and catch-up or social media applications. The same user experience is replicated across all devices.
"Graphyne cements the multimedia service providers' position as the entertainment hub of the home. While smartphone and tablet interfaces have changed users' expectations, too many TV EPGs are stuck in the '90s. Now, with Graphyne's dynamic multiscreen interface, operators can engage more closely with users, building a closer relationship by meeting all their entertainment needs on multiple screens in a compelling fashion," said Peter Balchin, CEO of ADB. "Consistency is key. Graphyne is the first user experience that treats all media types identically. If you know how to watch TV, you know how to do everything," he added.